Two trapped mums and long-time friends who have decided
to go after it.

Project Trap As Mamas was born out of enthusiasm and the need to shake up the world of escape games. Both of us love and play escape games, and one of us even has a business in it. However, what was missing in the field of escape games was a great adventure, which could excite both whole family, as well as teams of adult players. We decided to change it, and give it the right amount of adrenaline to all ages. Our games are different. They are intuitive and interactive. They will get you with their modern workmanship and great backdrops. In addition, it differs from the classic lock escapes by electronic controls with a lot of modern and fast hacks.

Well, well, you will also enjoy the good amount of mystery here and heap of fun. So, come on, we're looking forward to seeing you!

LUCKA - escape game pro

Lucka is just like a fish in the water when it comes to escape games. Her fervor for them arose six years ago, when it literally engulfed her. She actively plays, watches, reviews and also operate several games.

ELIŠKA – event pro

Eliška is open-minded, and a little visionary. She has worked for event agencies for a long time, so she can really walk in organizing tailor-made events. She has played several successful games in the past. And, as she says, this is precisely a field where she can enjoy what she likes to do with her many years of experience.