How to play

For our escape games, you are never too old or young. They are suitable for players from 5 to 99

Are you going to play for the first time, and you do not know how, or you want to be even better? We’ll try to give you some useful information and tips.

P.S. Secrets are our lives, but we do not conceal any of them from you. If there is something else you are interested in and you have not found it here, feel free to ask - we will be happy to answer.

How it works:

Change or Cancel Reservation. Contact us via e-mail (at least 2 days in advance).

Purchase a gift voucher. The voucher will come to you via email. Just print it.

Usage of gift voucher. Book the game online. When booking, write a unique voucher code. Choose a "cash / voucher" payment. You do not pay anything on the spot.

Use discount voucher or flyer. Book the game online. In the note, specify the discount you received. Select "cash / voucher". After arrival you pay for the game in cash with the amount deducted from the discount.

Remember this

Get there on time, at least 10 minutes before the game. You do not want to waste valuable game time.

Go to the bathroom before you play. The toilet can be used before or after the game.

Dress comfortably, to ensure you play well.

What do you need?

No special preparations or aids are necessary. You will find out everything on the spot.

What we can do

How will you pay? You can choose. Available options are by card in advance or by cash on the spot.

Where will you park? Close. Directly on the street. There are parking areas with payment machines.

What we can't do yet

Unfortunately, we do not have wheelchair access.

How to play escape games

Are you stuck? Do not be afraid to ask for the help. The time goes seriously quickly when you are playing, so do not waste it searching in vain.

Be careful. Important hints are often hidden where you would not expect them at all. Think and look carefully everywhere. Every object in the game has its meaning.

Nothing is nonsense. If you have discovered something special, talk to others. It may not be nonsense right now, it can be an important piece of the puzzle. It is common in escape games that one thing can be solved in different ways.

Good communication is the key to success. You are a team, so have fun together, work together, ask and help. Believe it or not, it will speed up the game a lot.

Play fair. Never cheat and use violence, you can cause problem to you and also to us. Keep in mind that everything has the right time and nothing can be hurried.

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