Úniková hra Zlobr


It's time to reclaim the ogre swamp! But beware, this will not be a fairytale tour, as you are bound to run into the many pitfalls of the magic world along the way. Can you conquer them?

We offer a unique, exciting and entertaining game for you that you will not find anywhere else.



  • a playful and adventurous escape game where good triumphs over evil
  • our own concept, only available to try with us
  • a sophisticated, modern and interactive rendition
  • the tricky puzzles can be solved without reading and counting
  • finding an original solution will entertain both advanced players and beginners
  • an intergenerational game, that brings all ages together
  • the credible scene will transport you to a magnificent fairytale world
  • the story ends with a surprising finale

There once was an ogre, who lived in a swamp. Until one day, he lost it! To reclaim it, he has no choice but to crisscross and muddle through a world full of magical creatures, where everything has its own special rules and a trap, to be deciphered, lurks around every corner. Don't let the ogre go on this journey alone, he won't be able to make it! If you succeed, there is much more awaiting you than just safely returning home.

ZLOBR is a technologically advanced escape game for both children and adults. It will inspire and involve smaller players, of whom we do not require any numerical or written skills, when solving puzzles. The heart of the game is an intriguing story full of fantasy and magical creatures inspired by the popular movie Shrek and other classic fairytales.

You have exactly one hour to solve the game! Will you succeed in a set time or even break the record? Come and try it!

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Úniková hra Zlobr
Úniková hra Zlobr
Úniková hra Zlobr